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Citrus plants, one of the world's most important fruit crops grown in more than 150 countries, are regarded native to subtropical and tropical parts of Asia, Island southeast Asia, near Oceania and northeast Australia, inhabiting the planet earth well before the birth of human civilization. The history of citrus in Asia, one of the top three fruits in the continent, is highly fascinating and offers many opportunities for learning for citrus scholars. A genomic, phylogenic, and biogeographical analysis has established the southeast foothills of the Himalayas, which extend from eastern Assam, northern Myanmar, and western Yunnan, as the centre of origin for the genus Citrus, branching from a shared ancestor with the trifoliate orange Poncirus trifoliata. According to FAO, the production of various citrus fruits in Asian continent during 2021 was 83.59 million tones from a cultivated area of 5.42 million hectares, sharing 52% area and 53% production of citrus in the world. During last decade (2012 to 2021), the area and production of citrus in Asian countries has been increased 25.5% and 42.5%, respectively.

India, known for genetic diversity of citrus covering 27 native species, is third major producers of citrus in the world, contributing 10.76% area under citrus and 8.84% citrus production in the world. Among various citrus fruits grown in India, mandarins share the maximum area and production (both 42%), followed by lemons and limes (31% and 26%, respectively), sweet orange (19% and 27%, respectively) and other citrus fruits (8% and 5%, respectively) in 2022. Nagpur mandarin is the most famous cultivar in mandarin group in India. This cultivar is mainly cultivated in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state, where the ACC-2023 is being organized.

Given this wealth of citrus diversity, the ACC-2023 is being organized to reframe the priorities of Asian citrus industry and put forward a roadmap to combat the growing problems of citrus industry of Asia. The event will bring together scientists, researchers, academicians, students, processors, exporters, citripreneurs, industry experts, and policymakers to discuss and exchange information on the latest developments in citriculture and to explore possible solutions to address the multipronged challenges faced by the citrus industry. It is an important event that will provide a platform for knowledge exchange, addressing challenges, networking and promoting the citrus industry in Asia. ACC-2023 will give an opportunity to the researchers and industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise in the field of citrus improvement, production, protection, processing, and marketing. Participants can learn about the latest research findings on new technologies, innovative products, services and best practices which can lead to new research alliances, business opportunities and innovation. Overall, the ACC-2023 intents to promote the citrus industry in Asia by showcasing the latest developments, innovations and successes in the field of citriculture. This can help to shape the future of the citrus industry in Asia, attract investment, stimulate economic growth and support farmers and businesses. We also believe that by bringing together the best and brightest in the Asian citrus industry, we can unleash the full potential of this vital sector and drive growth, sustainability and prosperity across Asia.