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Thematic Areas

Abstracts of scientific papers are invited for presentation during the congress under the following thematic areas.

Theme 1

Recent Trends in Improvement, Genetic Diversity, Conservation and Utilization in Citrus


  • Citrus genetic diversity – characterization, conservation and utilization.
  • Citrus genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, multiomics and bioinformatics.
  • Genetic engineering.
  • Citrus breeding and improved varieties.
  • Citrus physiology.
  • Micropropagation and tissue culture.
  • Cryopreservation.
  • IPR, GI and PPV&FRA, etc.

Theme 2

Advances in Citrus Production Technology, Smart Citriculture and Application of Cutting-edge Technologies


  • Scenario of citrus sector.
  • Propagation, rootstock and nursery management.
  • Planting systems and production models.
  • Orchard management including flowering regulations.
  • Canopy management and crop architecture.
  • Soil health management and plant nutrition.
  • Water management and micro-irrigation.
  • Natural resource conservation.
  • Citrus based cropping and farming systems.
  • Organic and natural citriculture.
  • Precession citriculture.
  • Climate smart technologies for abiotic stress management.
  • Carbon and water footprint.
  • Citrus microbiology.
  • Citrus rejuvenation.
  • Farm mechanization.
  • Use of Drones, IoT, RS-GIS, AI, Automation, Sensors, Robotics, Simulation & modeling, etc.

Theme 3

Current Approaches in Citrus Health Management, Insect-Pest & Disease Surveillance and Diagnostics Approaches


  • Spatial and temporal diversity in insect-pests and diseases in citrus.
  • Taxonomy and population dynamic of insect-pests.
  • Virus-indexing and budwood certification.
  • Strategic management of insect-pests and diseases including nematodes.
  • Ecological engineering and eco-friendly protection measures including biological control.
  • Biotechnological and nanotechnological approaches in disease diagnostics and biotic stress management.
  • Emerging and trans-boundary pests or diseases, their surveillance and management.
  • Pesticide residue in citrus, health hazards and solutions.
  • Disease forecasting models and early warning system.

Theme 4

Innovations in Post-harvest Management, Valorization and Bioprospecting of Citrus


  • Postharvest technology including storage, cold chain and block chain management.
  • Processing, value addition and product development including nutraceuticals, functional foods biofortified food and other industrially important products.
  • Bioprospecting of citrus using in-vitro and in-vivo models and citrus phytochemicals.
  • Nutrigenomics and metabolomics through conventional, molecular and chromatographic tools.
  • Food engineering and innovative packaging.
  • Utilization of citrus by-products and valorization of citrus processing waste.
  • Food safety and quality control.

Theme 5

Latest Developments in Technology Outreach, Citripreneurship, Trade & Export, Value Chain, Group Dynamics and Policy Formulation in Citrus Sector


  • Innovative extension approaches for skill upliftment and technology dissemination.
  • Supply chain and value chain management.
  • Farmers interest group, farmer producers’ organization and farmer producer’s company, etc.
  • Gender mainstreaming and social inclusion.
  • Agripreneurial ecosystem, business incubation support and citripreneurship development.
  • Impact analysis, success story and case study.
  • Indigenous technical knowledge and traditional wisdom.
  • Brand building, marketing and export.
  • Crop insurance and contract farming.
  • Digital agriculture, ICT and mobile apps.
  • Socio-economic study and policy perspective.

Abstracts submitted through the online portal will be taken into consideration. Following review by the experts, abstracts will be assigned to a technical session and the acceptance will be communicated to the corresponding author/contributor by email. All the accepted abstracts will be given an opportunity for presentation and will be published in congress proceedings. The deadline for abstract submission is 31st August, 2023.

For any queries related to abstract submission, presentation and technical sessions, feel free to write to us: